Auric Privacy & Cookies Policy 
This Privacy & Cookies Policy (“Policy”) dated [01/07/2017 applies to any information you provide to us, including through this website, other websites owned by dmg media, our mobile apps, communications by email and through social media, by telephone and in person. It also covers any information we receive from third parties.

Please take the time to review before you continue to use our products and services. By using our products and services, including browsing our websites, registering or logging in, you agree we may use your information as outlined in this Policy.

If you do not wish to have your information used in line with this Policy, you must not use our products and services and not otherwise provide us with your information.

About us
dmg media is an international multichannel media company which is home to some of the UK’s most popular brands, including the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, MailOnline, Metro, This Is Money, Today I’m Wearing and You Beauty Box. It also runs a programmatic media trading desk called Auric, to which this privacy policy applies. These brands are trading styles and divisions of Associated Newspapers Ltd, which is the data controller of your personal data for the purposes of EU data protection law.

Associated Newspapers Ltd is part of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc group (“DMGT”). Members of the DMGT group may use and share, within that group, the information you provide and other information held about you for the purposes set out below. For more information about the DMGT group please see the DMGT website and the DMGT Privacy Policy.

Information we may hold about you

•  Information you’ve provided to us 
•  Information about products and services you’ve ordered, enquired about or shown an interest in
•  Information provided by other companies which have obtained your permission through their own privacy policies to share information about you, including from specialist data companies
•  Information about your interaction with our websites, mobile apps and other products and services, including adverts
•  Information we collect using cookies stored on your device about your use of our websites and/or selected third party websites
•  Information we collect or remember using technologies similar to cookies, such as device identifiers on your mobile device
•  Your IP address, which is a number that identifies a specific network device on the internet which allows your device to communicate with websites and apps
•  Technical information from your device relating to the service you receive
•  Information relating to the location of your device

In line with industry best practice guidelines, we have a central database where we compile and hold all the information we have about our customers. In the industry this is often known as a “single customer view”.

How we may use your information in specific products or services
If you’ve registered on our websites or apps, you’ll receive personalised recommendations, newsletters and marketing. These are tailored to you based upon your registration details and other information you provide us, your browsing history, interactions with our emails and information we receive from our trusted partners and specialist data companies to help us understand what you might be interested in. This also includes information provided to us from social media sites when you choose to sign in or log in to our websites or apps through your social media account, or when you link your registration with us to your social media account. This information may be collected using cookies and similar technologies. Demographic information from your registration may be used by us for tailored advertising. Please see our Cookie Policy below for more details.
Tailored advertising
Some advertising is “contextual” meaning it is shown due to the particular webpage you are presently viewing. Other advertising, known as “online behavioural advertising” is shown to you based upon your likely interests, which are inferred from your device’s browsing history. This information is collected through the use of cookies (and similar technologies), including location data. You may opt-out of online behavioural advertising at any time. Please see our Cookies Policy for details.

How do we collect and use your information?
We may display advertisements which are tailored to you based on information we have obtained from:
•  your browsing history on our websites and apps;
•  keywords you have searched;
•  interactions with our emails;
•  interactions with ads and videos displayed on our sites or apps;
•  data which you have provided to us on registration with our websites, apps or for our services;
•  information obtained using the IP address of your browsing device (which may include information regarding the country in which you are located, the particular region, and your connection type);
•  location data from our mobile apps;
•  our publisher and advertising partners and specialist data companies, where they have your permission to share this information with us in line with their privacy policies; and
•  any other information you have provided to us during the course of you using our services, websites and apps or the services of any other business within our group of companies.

We may also collect information provided by you when you log in to third party social media sites (where you choose to link the app with our websites or apps).

Based on the data we collect from you, we profile you in accordance with demographic categories and your likely interest categories. For example, if you have shown an interest in seasonal clothes, we may show you offers on new summer fashion lines from our advertising partners.

Who do we share your information with?

We may share information about your likely interests inferred from browsing data collected through our websites and apps with a select group of our partner publishers, and our advertising partners. We use technical and contractual mechanisms to ensure that this browsing data is not used by advertisers or other website owners to link your online behavioural advertising data with your contact details, except for when you have provided the advertiser or publisher with your express permission to do this.

If you have registered on our websites or apps, we may analyse the information we hold about you in aggregate with our other customers to improve our advertising systems.

When you are shown an advertisement, our advertising systems do not know who you are or your contact details (such as your name, email address or postal address). However, demographic information from your registration on our websites and apps (such as your age, gender and city) may be used to tailor the advertising we arrange to be shown. This information is not shared with third party advertisers or partner publishers. 

How do are advertisements tailored to you?
Advertising may be tailored to you by the advertiser, or advertisers may show advertisements on our websites and apps, as well as other third party websites and apps, which are tailored to you based upon information which we or they have obtained about you, such as your browsing history on their own website or other information they hold about you. These may also be tailored to your likely interests, demographics and account information which you have provided to an advertising technology company or advertising network (such as Google or Facebook) displaying the advertisement, for example, through registration on the advertising network’s services, in line with that network’s own privacy policy.
Where you have granted permission to us, our advertising partners and partner publishers, or specialist data companies to access your device’s location, this location information may be used to tailor the advertising you receive, including showing you certain advertisements when you are in the vicinity of a particular location.

How do we handle your personal data?
We may share your personal information with other companies within the DMGT group of companies.
We may also share personal information about you to third parties, where you have given us permission or where the third party can confirm that they have your permission for us to do this.

We may also provide third parties with certain data about our customers’ use of our websites and apps, which may include demographic data such as age range and/or geographic location of groups of our customers and data about our customers’ online behaviour. This data does not include contact details (such as the customer’s name, address or email address).

We may transfer, sell or assign any of the information described in this Policy to third parties as a result of a sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer of assets or reorganisation of our business.

We may also share your information as required by law and as contemplated by the Data Protection Act 1998 and other data protection laws.

How do we advertise?
Auric is a programmatic media trading desk which is run by dmg media. Auric collects and uses data about our customers’ demographics, preferences, interests and use of websites and apps. Auric combines this information with data which is collected by our third party advertising partners and publisher partners so that we can better profile users, and target the most relevant advertisements to them.
Auric uses third party platforms, including but not limited to those operated by Appnexus and Google, in order to buy media across owned and operated properties as well as other third party websites and apps.


Cookies Policy 
You should be aware that when you use our websites and apps we may collect information using cookies or similar technologies.
When you visit our pages on social media or other websites, the social media site or other website may also use cookies in line with their own cookies policies.

What are cookies and how do they work?
Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you. This allows websites to tailor what you see on the screen.

Do you use other technologies which are similar to cookies?
Our websites, apps and emails often contain small invisible images known as 'web beacons' or 'tracking pixels'. These are used in a way similar to cookies, to understand when a particular part of a webpage, email or app is viewed.

Our apps often use device identifiers in the same way as cookies as used on web browsers. A device identifier is a unique number on your device which allow us to remember your device.

We use these similar technologies on websites, emails and apps, for the same purposes and in much the same way as we use cookies on websites. We will use “cookies” and “websites” below as shorthand for “cookies and similar technologies” on “websites, emails and in apps”.

What do you use cookies for?
Cookies are an important part of the internet. They make using websites much smoother and affect lots of the useful features of websites.

Why do you use cookies?
Some advertising, known as “online behavioural advertising” or “OBA” is tailored to you and uses information collected by first party and third party cookies. Using cookies helps us to ensure that you see advertising which is most relevant to you. Please see our Privacy Policy above for further information about how we use online behavioural advertising.

We also use cookies in order to know how many advertisements we serve, how many times these are clicked or hovered over with a mouse cursor, how many advertisements we show to a given user and how many customer actions these generate.

We also use cookies on our own and advertisers’ sites to understand which customers reach a sale or other action page on an advertiser’s site. This allows us to monitor how many sales or actions we achieve for an advertising client, and therefore, how effective our advertising is.
We may also use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with adverts based on your location, offers you click on, and other similar interactions with our websites and apps.

In order to protect our advertisers' brands, we often use a technology that scans the page to ascertain that it is safe from profane, sensitive & potentially brand-negative topics, before serving an ad there. This process is called “ad verification”.

We and our advertisers may use information from within our webpages to determine whether you have an ad-blocker enabled. This information may be stored or associated with your device (including through the use of cookies) to re-insert advertisements on our websites and to understand how our customers use ad-blockers. The advertisements that are re-inserted may include those from ad-blockers’ “white lists” or that promote our own products and services.  

Our websites do not respond to "Do Not Track" (DNT) browser settings. To change your cookie preferences for advertising and analytics, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies FAQ’s.  

Some of our web pages will contain promotional links to other companies’ sites. If you follow one of these links and then register with or buy something from that other site, a cookie is sometimes used to tell that other site that you came from one of our sites. That other site may then pay us a small amount for the successful referral.

How do I change my cookie preferences?
Please note that our website, apps and other products and services may not work correctly (or at all) if you change your preferences. For example, you may not be able to purchase products via our websites. However, you may still be able to place an order via our telephone order line. Please consult our websites for more details. 

You can opt-out of receiving cookies by changing your web browser settings. For more information on how to achieve this, please see our Privacy Policy and Cookies FAQ’s.

You can usually prevent the operation of web-beacons by changing your web-browser cookie settings and your ad choices, or for those in emails, by switching off images in your email client or viewing emails using only the “text” display (rather than “HTML” display”). See the “Help” section of your email client for instructions. You can opt-out of analytics cookies on this website on our "Controlling online behavioural advertising and other third party cookies” page. Where you use our apps, similar technologies to cookies are used for analytics. It is not presently possible to opt-out of these similar technologies. If you are not happy to be included in our analysis, please do not use our apps.

You can opt-out of online behavioural advertising cookies on this website on our “Controlling online behavioural advertising and other third party cookies” page.

When using a mobile device, you can opt-out of receiving online behavioural advertising by selecting ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ in the Settings of your Apple iPhone or iPad, or the “Opt out of interest-based ads” in the Settings on your Android device. You may also be able to reset your unique identifier used for online behavioural advertising (referred to as an “Advertising ID”) in the Settings on your Apple or Android device.
Please note that you will continue to receive advertising, however, it may not be tailored to your likely interests using information collected from cookies and similar technologies on your device.

Safeguards and security for your information 
We have measures in place to protect the security of your personal information from unauthorised access or use, such as by using encryption technology.

We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and related data protection laws. For more information on the Data Protection Act 1998 and your related rights please see the Information Commissioner’s Office website

Contacting us and accessing your personal information
If you have any queries or comments about this Privacy & Cookies Policy please contact us at:


If you wish to review or receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, or further information about how we handle your information, please write to us at:

Data Protection Officer
Commercial Legal Department
Associated Newspapers Limited
Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street
W8 5TT
United Kingdom

Where permitted by law, we may charge a small administration fee (not exceeding the maximum permitted) in relation to fulfilling a request for access to personal information.

Changes to this Privacy & Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy & Cookies Policy at any time. Where changes are made, we will post the revised Policy here with an updated effective date. Your continued use of our websites, apps, or other products or services will signify your acceptance of these changes.